Thank you for visiting Thomas Books -- we welcome you as a potential new customer. This information will allow you to quickly begin navigating our website.

Finding Books

Our inventory is organized into categories listed in the BROWSE section in the left frame on your screen. Click on a link to display the books in that category in this frame. Then scroll through the list of books to find items of interest.

To find a specific title, author, or keyword in a category, click on the list of books in this frame, then use your browser's Find command to search. For example, with Internet Explorer, press Ctrl+F to display the Find window, enter your search text, then press Enter.

Viewing the Contents of Your Shopping Cart

To view the contents of Your Shopping Cart, click on Cart in the upper-left corner of your screen. Initially your cart is empty.

Adding Books to Your Shopping Cart

An ADD TO CART link appears next to each book description. When you find a book you want to order or set aside, click the corresponding ADD TO CART link. The book is added to your cart and the contents of Your Shopping Cart appear in this frame.

Continue Shopping

Your Shopping Cart contains a button.

Clicking on after adding a book to your cart returns you to the page you were previously browsing.

Clicking on after selecting Cart displays the CONTINUE SHOPPING page, from which you can browse a new category or view selections from our stock.

Using Your Shopping Cart

Books in Your Shopping Cart remain there until you delete them, log off of your computer system, or complete a sale. A sale is not complete until you click at the end of the checkout process. Until then, you can add and delete books from your cart.

To delete a book from your cart, change the quantity to zero, then click .

To select or change the shipping method, make a selection from the shipping menu, then click .

To clear the contents of your cart, change the quantity of all items to zero, then click .

Checking Out

When you are satisfied with the contents of Your Shopping Cart, click to begin the checkout process.

Enter your name, address, and so on in the Billing information section (fields in bold are required entries). If your shipping address is different from your Billing information, enter that information in the Shipping address section, otherwise leave this section blank. Then click .

Review your order, billing, and shipping information for accuracy. If you need to make changes, use your browser's Back button or click on Cart to find the information you need to correct. When your information is correct, select a Payment option, then click .

Enter your payment details on the next screen, then click to complete your order. We will send you an email that confirms and summarizes your order.

Searching Online Listings

We subscribe to several online listing services. Links to these services are listed in the SEARCH section in the left frame on your screen. You can search our inventory through an online service and order through that service if you like.

Getting Information

We encourage you to explore the links in the INFORMATION section in the left frame on your screen. Use these links to contact us for additional information, view some of our favorite book-related websites, look up definitions, read about our privacy and security policies, and familiarize yourself with our terms of sale.

Again, thank you for visiting Thomas Books.

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